Argan oil in body and hair care. Is it better than coconut oil despite being more pricey?

A cheaper alternative doesn’t always make a better solution. In terms of body and hair care, it’s wiser to go for proven and tested products – one of which is Nanoil Argan Oil. Do you want to know why it’s better than regular coconut oil? Keep reading to discover its hair regenerating, protecting and conditioning properties!

The biggest accusation that can be brought against coconut oil is its high density and dominance of saturated fatty acids concentration. These two qualities of coconut oil make it a not-so-healthy product. Moreover, coconut oil serves few hair types only (mainly low porosity hair) and when applied to skin, it might overburden it, leave greasy feel and clog skin pores.

nanoil baby argan oil bottle

It’s better to reach for argan oil in hair and body care. Why?

Firstly, it provides a source of 100 unique nourishing substances that our skin and hair need, and these include: vitamin E (the vitamin of youth), B-group vitamins, essential fatty acids (EFAs), natural UV filters and many more. Owing to these compounds, argan oil:

  • improves skin tension and hair elasticity
  • delays skin ageing
  • shields against the sun and high temperature
  • prevents water loss
  • nourishes, strengthens and accelerates regeneration
  • soothes irritation (including acne-triggered)
  • reduces skin blemishes and discolorations, evens up skin tone
  • reinforces and takes care of fingernails

These are just several properties of this incredible oil! When used systematically, argan oil leaves many astonished. After all, natural argan oil is a really lightweight and fast-absorbing product that opens up many various possibilities and conditioning opportunities for its users.

Which argan oil is the best? Better choose it wisely

Alike coconut oil, oils extracted from argan kernels might vary too. First of all, you can recognize genuine argan oil by the country it comes from, which in this case is Morocco. Secondly, original argan oil might appear to by slightly more pricey. Thirdly, it’s aroma shouldn’t be sensible (it can’t be contaminated by synthetic odor compounds) and has golden color.

Obviously, determining whether a particular argan oil is genuine isn’t enough. Even the one originating from Morocco might appear to be slightly worse if it wasn’t cold-pressed and underwent refining, filtration. Both procedures are responsible for reducing the quality of argan oil, which directly leads to depriving the oil from its precious nourishing substances that our hair and skin truly need. nanoil argan baby oil

Cold-pressed, unrefined Argan Oil by Nanoil

If you want to use natural oils to treat your body and hair with, reach only for the top-shelf ones. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that such product must be also expensive because the cost of Nanoil Argan Oil is optimal; simply, this product is cost-effective.

Nanoil is a brand which label indicates and ensures only natural beauty oils and oil blends created to match various hair porosity types. Among the most important ones is the multi-purpose and highly recommended oil extracted from argania kernels, known commonly as liquid gold of Morocco. What should you know about this product?

  1. Nanoil Argan Oil is cold-pressed, unrefined, organic and its composition is made of fresh argan kernel oil awarded quality certification (Ecocert). All of this makes the oil a perfect natural beauty product suitable for everyone.
  2. This is truly versatile product – Nanoil Argan Oil can be applied not only to hair but also to scalp, face, body skin, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes. In other words, Nanoil Argan Oil is able to play the role of many regular cosmetics used daily (creams, balms, conditioners).
  3. It’s way more effective than coconut oil. When you choose Nanoil Argan Oil, you can take if for granted that it will regenerate, maintain hydration, nourish, reinforce, soothe irritation, deliver sun and heat protection, slow down ageing processes, and so on and do forth.
  4. Nanoil Argan Oil also impresses with its convenient formula and smart design – inside a dark and handy bottle you can find a golden oil which penetrates skin fast. Just collect a few drops using the precise dropper in order to spread them on face or hair.

If you want to get to know this beauty product better and order the best argan oil to test it on your skin (and hair), go on the official Nanoil web page where you’ll find all essential information; also you will be able to buy genuine Nanoil Argan Oil there.