Coconut Oil for Hair as a Cheaper Equivalent of Argan Oil

We hear a lot about properties of coconut oil for hair, but little people know to what exactly it can be used. If you think about buying coconut oil, you should first dispel any doubts about coconut oil as an equivalent of Argan oil – to which it is often compared.


Coconut oil and Argan oil are very similar. Coconut oil consists of many fatty acids necessary for proper nourishment of hair, many vitamins (especially from group B), mineral complex and other ingredients, which can be helpful in a conditioning. The same wealth of ingredients can be found in Argan oil, so there is not that much of a difference between them in that matter.


There’s no surprise neither, because properties of coconut oil are as complex as Morocco’s liquid gold. Coconut oil applied on hair makes them moisturised, regenerated, nourished and repaired. When you think about, which oil to choose you should remember that both Argan oil and coconut oil have the same effects – glossy, soft and strong hair.


Till now, both oils were on the same level, but when it comes to accessibility then coconut oil is much better. Luxurious Morocco’s Argan oil is hard to get, and market is filled with its fake equivalents. It is easier to buy coconut oil – you will get it on online auctions, shops or pharmacies; there coconut oil will be of best quality.


Here again wins coconut oil. Argan oil, because of its inaccessibility, protection of Arganias and the production process is very expensive product. Accessible price of coconut oil is a pleasant surprise, because truly large jar of coconut oil can be bought for few pounds. You do not have to overpay.